Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fancy Fur Flip Flops

My three little girls love girlie things.  And they love shoes.  They've wanted some flip flops for summer, and I found some at the dollar store for them... only one problem: way too boring.  So with a little wandering around the dollar store, I found a couple of things to make those flip flops fuzzy and cute!  Here's what I used:

Just a pair of flip flops, some Fancy Fur (super fuzzy, funky yarn), a couple of fabric stars (awesome find at the dollar store- 8 in a package for $1!), and hot glue.  What would I do without that glue gun???

It's really simple to do; just glue down the start of your yarn to the strap (is it called a strap? I have no idea...),

wrap the yarn around, over and over, gluing occasionally to hold it in place,

and go all the way around.

When that's done, glue the stars to the middle (use a generous amount here, don't be shy), and that's it!  Super cute shoes for super cute feet! 

Of course, I had to make enough for everybody...

Three pairs of flip flops for $5.  Awesome!  Can't wait to show them to the princesses in the morning! :)
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