Wednesday, May 26, 2010

String-y Necklace... with Mod Podge?? NO WAY.

YES WAY.  I know, I know, I use a lot of Mod Podge.  Is there a project I've done where I haven't used it?  Hmmm if there are any, I don't think there are many.  I love that stuff!

So my last post was a revamped bracelet with some string circles... and I had so much fun with those circles, I decided to make a couple of necklaces, too :)  Here's the basic idea behind turning one of those circles into a pendant:

You can start the same way I did in my bracelet tute and wind the string up between your fingers, but I did a little something different.  Again digging into my scrapbooking stash, I found these:

Eyelets!  Yeah, not sure why I bought these... clearance???  Must have been.  I think this was one of those one-dollar finds at Jo-Ann's...

One of these little things is going to be the center of the pendant.  Stick the little eyelet in some glue, grab the end of the string, stick that to the glue, and start wrapping.

Once the string is wound around the eyelet a few times, stick it upside-down to the ever-trusty painter's tape.

Keep on winding the string until it's whatever size you want.  (If you didn't see my Bracelet post, check it out- it'll show you how to do the tape thing).

Now when you get to the size you want, you can either just cut the string and skip this next step and use a jewelry bail if you want, or you can make a loop with the string, like this:

Start by looping the string up...

and over, and continue going around the circle.

Slather on a coat of Mod Podge (but don't cut that string just yet!)
Start winding the string around again, but this time on top of what you've done already.  You're making another layer.
Wrap the string all the way back to the middle, and cut it off.  It doesn't have to be perfect, it's just getting covered up anyway.

Slap on some more podge, and cut out a circle of fabric to cover the back.  I used a piece of t-shirt.
Let it dry, and carefully peel it off of the painter's tape.  Here's a view from the front:

Now to pick the necklace to string it on... I just grabbed three strands of string, knotted the ends together, and braided them.  Laced the pendant on, and decided to do one extra step, just a finishing touch.

With yet another piece of string, wrap it around the pendant's loop, and tie it in the back.  Wrap the string around until the loop hanging from the necklace to the pendant is covered, and tie it off in the back.  Trim the ends, and it's done!

Do you see what I was talking about with the string on the loop?  I had a hard time explaining that, hopefully a picture is worth a thousand words here.... :)
This is a very natural-looking necklace, don't you think?  I made a second one, except this time I made the pendant larger, and used some ribbon for the 'chain'.

Let me know if you've made some of these, I'd love to see them!  Leave a link in a comment, or send me an e-mail!  I would totally love to see something made from one of my tutes!  Have fun!

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8 crazy awesome comments:

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

How cute! Great tute and I love the painter's tape idea. Can't believe you did this with Mod Podge! Off to explore the rest of your blog...

Beverly @ said...

I really really love this. That turned out so cute and I love both necklace options you used. I'm adding this one to my list, thanks for the great tutorial!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

You are so clever! The painter's tape idea is genius. Love both versions of this necklace, it looks a bit beachy, nautical to me. A tiny seashell or a charm on the pendant would be pretty, too. Now I have to go make one!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

REally cute and creative! I am featuring this at Grab my "featured" button. (I love the name of your blog!)

Dana said...

I think you are really on to something here with the string circles. Those are so cute!

Jude said...

This is so, so clever -- and it looks simple enough for even me to do. Thanks!
Jude from Cape Cod

Mod Podge Amy said...

Simple and cute - love it!

Browneyed hippie said...

Loven your things , Ideas , Everything & and yes you will see this one used for sure. I have some stuff I have salvage that I think will look great using this idea .. come visit our page if you have time we upcycle every thing imaginable.. I will be posting a whole lot of new things Sunday night ... Hippie hugs and lots of love Michele!/profile.php?id=100002071016724&sk=wall

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