Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Envelope of Doom Part 1: Plastic Ring Jewelry

This is a three part series, coming to they come to me. Last week I received an envelope stuffed with random things for me to craft with. It was like Christmas morning for me!

Here's the scoop on the stuff; Mich L. in L.A. (who is super creative, if you haven't checked her out, put that on your to-do- list) held a giveaway/crafting challenge, a.k.a. the Crazy Crafty Wicked Cool Envelope of Doom Challenge.  I am so happy that I got one!  The challenge part?  To make three gifts using at least one item from the envelope.  With that in mind, here's my first gift:

A necklace and earring set! I apologize for my horrible wire work, clearly I'm no pro at jewelry making.  But it's so fun to do!  Wondering what the base of those circles are?  

Yep, those are the little plastic circle-things that are left on the neck of a plastic bottle when you unscrew the cap.  Is there a technical term for them?  If there is, I have no idea what it is, so I'll call them 'plastic rings'.  Close enough.  Here's what I used to make the earrings and necklace:

  • 5 plastic rings (from the Envelope of Doom)
  • raffia
  • beads (from the Envelope of Doom)
  • hot glue
  • silver wire
  • jewelry findings
  • scissors
Start with your plastic ring.  Take the raffia and wind it around the entire ring, using a tiny dab of hot glue to hold it in place.  Make sure to not cut the excess raffia off.

Separate one strand of the raffia from the others, hold it aside, and cut the other strands off.  Now you're left with one thin strand of raffia.  Slide a bead onto the strand;

and pull the raffia down to the bottom of the circle.

Wrap the raffia around the bottom and secure in place with a tiny dab of hot glue.  Trim the excess raffia off. 

There's one circle done!  Now do it 4 more times :)

Once you've got your circles all finished, it's time to add the wire.  I don't have much of a tutorial for this, basically because I pretty much just improvised with my wire.  For my earrings I wrapped some silver wire around the top, made a loop, and twisted wire around it to secure it into place.  Then attach it to your ear wires.  For the pendant, I did the same thing for the top,
and for the bottom, just making a smaller loop.

To secure the next circle on, I started the top wire the same way except I threaded the wire through the bottom loop of the last circle, like this:

Twist the wire to secure it closed, add on another circle, string it onto a necklace, and you've got recycled jewelry!  I bet no one will be able to guess it started out as a plastic ring from a soda bottle!

 I'm also supposed to tell a little about giving the gift.... but I haven't given it yet.  I'm not even quite sure who I'm giving it to... most likely to a friend for her birthday. 

I've got two more projects coming from this envelope, so stay tuned!

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9 crazy awesome comments:

lisbonlioness said...

Truly wicked, I LOVE the set! I am a fellow doomed crafter and just uploaded my first project here
My birthday if on the 30th of July, if you are looking for someone to give the gift to! :D

Neccie's Creations said...

Wow I love that!! I also recieve an envelop of doom too. I made a gift for father's day as my first gift. I am thinking of gift 2 as well. I love this idea and your wire work is just fine the whole set looks great.

Afton said...

Man you're so creative!! You should give classes or something. How do you come up with these awesome ideas!?

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

This is brilliant! I never, ever, ever would have thought to use these this way! I just became your latest follower BTW :)

Annie said...

Nice, I recently have made some really nice napkin rings using raffia as a base.

Melissa said...

Seriously creative!! Great job!!

Michelle L. said...

Just posted about this on the Official Blog of Doom. I cannot WAIT to see your next one, and the one after that. What a triumph for plastic bottle cap rings! Craft stores will start stocking them, they will be the hottest thing on Etsy...they will win an Oscar...hee. Thank you, Sarah, so much fun hosting you on my blog!

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

You just received an award! Stop by to check it out :)

Anonymous said...

Finally somebody as crackers as me, I have a box of these bottle rings and was squeezing my brain for inspiration, thankyou for the inspiration :D

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