Monday, June 21, 2010

Old Window into a House Number Sign

This is one of those projects that I've had on my list but have been putting off for a long time... and for no reason, because it was so easy!  The hardest part was waiting for the Mod Podge to dry!  I took one of my many old windows that I've collected, and turned it into a house number sign.

This is crazy easy.  For the window, you just need a few things:

  • an old window
  • decorative/ scrapbook paper
  • tissue paper
  • Mod Podge 
  • paint brush
  • scissors
I always put the obvious things on the list, like 'scissors' and 'paint brush'.  I guess I don't have to do that, but too bad, gonna do it anyway.

First things first, you need to cut out your house numbers from your paper. I used a word program on my computer, typed my numbers, enlarged them to the size I wanted, printed them, cut them out, and traced them onto my scrapbook paper.  Cut those out, and you've got numbers.

I love the 'texture' of this paper.  It looks kinda old.  Or grungy.  Grold. Hmmm....

Now grab your window.  You could paint the frame, but I liked the rustic, weathered look of leaving it as-is.

Grab your numbers, Mod Podge, and brush.  Make sure that your window is facing front-side down.  Brush on some podge, and stick your numbers so that the nice side is showing through the glass.

Now go crazy with the podge and brush it all over the glass and the backs of your numbers.  Once everything's all gluey, take your tissue paper (I crinkled mine for texture) and start laying it over the glass.

 Keep on going until the glass is covered.  You can see the cool texture the tissue paper leaves.

Let it dry, hang it up, and you've got a customized house number sign!  I hung up some planters that came with my Christmas pointsettas... I love them, too!

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17 crazy awesome comments:

Kit said...

Very nice! This would make a great house warming gift!

Jessica said...

Cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

This turned out so pretty! I love old windows. I'm hosting a giveaway and I'd love it if you stopped by!

Laura @ along for the ride

TheCraftInMe said...

Great idea, a great way to personalize!

Jill said...

Love this! I need to do something with the numbers on my boyfriend's house. They look so ghetto!

Jen said...

Following you from TGC! I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing!

I wanted to let you know that I awarded you something on my blog. You can accept this award here:

kirstin & jordan said...

I LOVE this! What a fantastic idea... and we need a new house number!
We have a friday linky party- we'd love it if you'd link to this! :)

lisbonlioness said...

Odd, i have just (literally 5 minutes ago) for the first time ever mod- podged tissue paper onto something and loved the texture. Hey, wanna make me a Number 6 window? Yours is adorable!

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

That is so cute! I just started using Mod Podge -- it is the best, isn't it!?! I have a thing for house numbers -- so this is right up my alley!

Kaysi said...

What a great idea! I need to make something like this!

JHill said...

Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

Sweet Little Smoothie said...

Love this! It looks fantastic hanging in between the flowers - so charming!!

Melissa said...

Cool - what a wonderful idea...I can imagine all sorts of different variations.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

That is pretty! I've never seen one mod podged like that! Looks great!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

oh that's very cute! And with things (except for the window) that one might have lying around the house.

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