Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Transfer, the Mod Podge Way

Last week I was traveling around blogs, checking out what people were up to, and I came across a project from the blog 'What I Live For'.  Judy, the blogger, made a simple light switch plate look beautiful by using Mod Podge as a transfer medium.   I've seen what transfer mediums can do, and I've been wanting to try it, but hadn't gone and bought the special stuff.  When I saw what she did, I knew I had to try it.  I did a plate, too, but not a switch plate...

I love the color!  It really goes well with my orange living room.  I love the orange/turquoise color combo (ahem...look at my blog colors....).  ☺ 

The transferred image is the flowers, if you couldn't tell.  That was an easy find- it's a coloring page I found online and printed.  I found it here.  Butterflyfish Band has a few cute coloring pages, too (I like page 5, cute birds) here.  I printed mine with a laser printer, but Judy from What I Live For says that inkjet should work fine, too.  I also used a printed page of sheet music for my background (piano sheet music for 'A Long December' by Counting Crows, if you're wondering...).  Alright, to make a plate like mine, start by brushing a coat of Mod Podge onto the backside of the plate and let it dry.

Cut out your image and brush Mod Podge onto the printed side.  Place it onto the backside of your plate and really rub it down and make sure to get out all of the bubbles.  Leave it to dry for a while- the longer it dries the better!

When it's fully dry for as long as you can stand to wait, spray the paper with water and gently rub the paper off.  Gently is important.  Rub too hard and the image will peel off.  This is where I ran into a problem... I rubbed off most of the paper, but I just couldn't seem to get the last, thin layer off without pulling the image along with it.  So when I was finished, I had this:

Hmmm.  I was really hoping for a clearer image.  I think if I stuck with it, I could have gotten the last layer off.  I could still work with it, though.  This is where the color comes in.  I grabbed a small plastic container and mixed up some Mod Podge, a little water, a little white paint, blue and green neon food coloring, and a bit of Glitter Mod Podge.  Mixed it all up, grabbed a paint brush and pounced it all over the back of the plate.

When that dried, I added another layer of Mod Podge, followed my my music paper.  Smoothed on the paper, creasing it where it needed to be creased, trimmed the edges, brushed on one more layer of Mod Podge,

let it dry, and now it's a pretty plate!  I wouldn't recommend using it for food, just because I'm not sure how the back would stand up to being washed.  You could make a cute candy dish this way, though!  So many possibilities!

I've got some more ideas for this technique...


Show and Tell Green

Hump Day link

18 crazy awesome comments:

Michelle L. said...

Ooh, that's super pretty. I have never seen/thought of that technique of colored mod podge! What a cool result!

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

Sarah, that is just gorgeous! It turned out wonderful -- love the color, too! :)

Nikki said...

Ooooooooh, thats too cute! I love turquoise in any capacity...with orange, brown, purple, whatever, its my FAV!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for linking up to gettin' crafty on hump day! :)

Meg said...

Wow! Very cute! I'd never thought of using mod podge as a transfer medium. The possibilities are endless....

Melissa said...

That turned out great!! I have never been successful at transferring images.

Terrell said...

Simply love how this turned out! It's so chic and decorative...the possibilites are endless! Be sure to link up to Frou Frou Decor on Friday! See you there, sweets!
~Terrell @ FFD~

Mod Podge Amy said...

I love this!

La said...

This turned out very pretty. I have been wanting to work with mod podge, but just haven't had the chance yet. I will keep this project in mind when I finally get the chance to sit down and play with it.

Stop over when you get a change to sign up for my giveaway, which includes several mystery items. The drawing is Sunday!

Happy Friday! La

Happy Friday! La

UKZoe said...

I wonder if this would work on a table top as I am looking for something to beautify the tables I recently painted plain cotton white.

Ponytails said...

I am featuring you!


Elizabeth said...

Great tutorial! I've always meant to try this, but never get around to it. Maybe for holiday gifts?
I've added you to the NE Bloggers page; Welcome!
If you'd like to receive notices when we are having a carnival or game, drop me a note. e_bogardus AT hotmail DOT com

Sandy Ang said...

How creative ! A lovely home decor item even if you can't eat off it.

Judy said...

I just happened on your site and was so excited that you linked back to me (thanks!).

I absolutely LOVE your plate! It is gorgeous...the color, the flowers, the sheet music! Well done!

Janet said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm wondering what do you pick for photo size when you are setting up printer options?I'm using a song as well for my background.I just don't know what size to print out.Thanks

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize and I don't ask me how I didn't that you are using a clear plate and I started a white one.S can I do everything but on front side?

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