Friday, July 2, 2010

Hanging Storage... Pillowcase-style

It's the second round of the Iron Crafter over at Fireflies & Jellybeans! This time around, the secret ingredient was pillowcases and/or sheets.  I chose pillowcases, as you have already read above.  I wanted to make something useful, that I actually needed, and with three little girls, what I really need is storage.  Times a million.  So I decided to make some hanging bags that they could carry around and stuff with their favorite toys and stuff.  Here's what I made:

I love these, they may actually encourage the girls to pick up some of their toys!  Hmmm maybe not, but at least I now have more floor space in their rooms.  Now for the tutorial... stay with me folks, I am not the best sewing machine user, and definitely don't have technical terms for this!

To make these, I started with two long pillowcases, one for each bag.  Must be from a king set?  Not sure why I had them in my linen closet, but what the hey, I made them useful.

I took one and cut the top off.

Then I took it and folded it in half and cut it, making sure that the top piece was a little longer so that I could sew the bottom shut, and both halves would be the same size.  See?  I bet there are some good terms to use here to make it less confusing.  Good thing there are pictures, that's all I'm sayin'.

After turning the two pieces inside-out, I took the top piece that was pretty much just a tube of fabric, and sewed the bottom shut.  I did this next step to each piece.  I wanted to create "flat bottoms" on the bags, so I folded the bottom corners so that the seams were together, measured up about two inches, and sewed a seam.  Then I cut the excess fabric off of the corner.

(If that confused you, there's some better directions at instructables.... here.)

Once I did this to both bags, I turned one right-side out, and placed the inside-out bag inside, to make the lining.  I wanted to have a big, chunky hem a the top of the bag, so I folded the top over, and then folded again to hide the unfinished edges.  I pressed it with my iron and used white thread to sew two lines all the way around the top.

I thought they looked a little plain, so I grabbed my white fabric paint and a foam stamp, and randomly stamped away.

Once it dried, the flowery branch things were a little too pale for me, so I went back and filled them in with a little paint brush.  I used a different stamp on the other side, to make it kind of reversible.

Once it was totally dry, I used a thick white ribbon and some metal rings to make the handles.  I placed the ring on the middle of a strip of ribbon, folded it over, turned up the edges, pinned it to the inside of the bag, and stitched in place.  (Forgot to take a picture at this part, oops...).

Then I made another bag from the other pillowcase, hung up a wooden peg rack that I got a Michael's for $5 (just had to paint it black), and that's it!  Easy storage!

I don't know which side I like better....

Perfect for lots of toys!

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