Friday, July 16, 2010

Easy Dollar Store Shoe ReDo


A couple of days ago I got these shoes for $2 at a Family Dollar store.

They've got a nice chocolate brown color, and I knew when I saw them that they had potential.  But the huge flowers had to go.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought so!

I took the scissors to those things, and had this:

I couldn't get the gold centers off, but that wasn't a problem because I was just going to cover them, anyway.

After cutting the flowers off, I had tons of brown petals left over.

I grabbed six plain petals and one studded petal, and hot glued them in a line like this:

Then I made another one for the other shoe.

Once those were finished, I grabbed some coordinating fabric,

and cut two strips about 28-ish inches long.  Definitely not perfect, but they didn't need to be.

I twisted one end,

and started wrapping it in a circle, twisting and dabbing hot glue as I went.

I stopped wrapping before I reached the end, leaving enough to cover  the backside of my 'flower',

folded it over,  hot glued it to the back, and trimmed off any excess.  (Oh, and repeated the process for the second strip of fabric.)

Now all that was left was to put them on the shoes.  First I hot glued on the brown petal line, a little off center,

followed by a fabric flower, slightly overlapping the studded petal.

Did the same for the other shoe, and I now have myself a super cute, unique pair of shoes for $2!!

I love them!!!

Oh, by the way, about the project I mentioned earlier this week... well, it's still not done.  Apparently my sewing machine will sew anything but my project... and I'm only two seams away from finishing it!  So until I can figure out why it won't sew what it's already been sewing (argh!), that project is on hiatus.  It's a bummer, but it'll get done eventually!!! I promise!

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