Monday, April 11, 2011

Easy Beaded Earrings

A while ago I challenged myself to my own 'Junk Drawer Challenge', and here's another project to go along with it:  these easy to make beaded earrings made from.... metal washers from the hardware store.

Super easy to make, and pretty quick, too.  All you need are:

  • a couple of metal washers
  • embroidery thread
  • seed beads
  • ear wires
  • embroidery needle, or a needle with an eye large enough fit the thread through
To start, make a small loop near one end of the thread and tie a knot.

Wrap the end piece around the washer, and then wrap over it with the longer side to cover the end and hold it in place.

Wrap the thread around the washer about four or five times, string a bead onto the thread, and slide the bead into place.  To really secure the bead in place, pass the needle through the bead once more.

Continue wrapping the thread around the washer and adding a bead after every fourth or fifth wrap. Once you reach the top, wrap the thread around the loop a few times, tie a knot and trim the excess thread off.

Do the same to the other washer, slip them onto a pair of ear wires, and you've got yourself a cute little pair of earrings!

3 crazy awesome comments:

Michelle L. said...

Love the silhouette of these, with the little beady dots! I also really like the simplicity of the loop at the top for attaching to earwires.

alltcrafty said...

Such a lovely challenge! I recently set myself a recycling challenge! has been so much fun, it is amazing how much you learn trying to think outside the box!
Well done for these fab ideas!
Jen x

all things crafty said...

Sorry forgot to add link to recycling challenge! lol

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