Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tattoo Your Beads!!!

OK, OK, I know, another bead tutorial... but this one is soooo easy I can't STAND IT! Seriously! This came to me when I realized that my oldest daughter stuck a temporary tattoo on the wall. At first I was a little irritated, but then I realized that it actually looked like a wall decal. Then I started thinking... what else can I put temporary tattoos on???  This is what I came up with:

Tattoo Your Beads!

The hardest part of this is waiting for it to dry.  Seriously that easy.  Here's what you need:

  • beads (I used wooden beads from the dollar store)
  • paint (optional) (I used nail polish)
  • temporary tattoos
  • a cup of water
  • a sealant (like Mod Podge, or clear nail polish)
  • a skewer/chopstick/something to stick the bead onto 
Ready for the steps?  There's only a few, so here we go:

Start by painting your bead, if you want to.  Completely optional.  Make sure to stick the bead onto the chopstick, or whatever it is you're using first.  Let the bead dry completely.

Tattoo Your Beads!  Step 1

Peel the protective plastic sheet off of the tattoo, and stick it onto the bead where you want it.

Tattoo Your Beads!  Step 2

Stick the bead into a cup of water, leaving it until the paper starts to peel off. It doesn't take very long, maybe 10-20 seconds.

Tattoo Your Beads!  Step 3

Tattoo Your Beads!  Step 4

Carefully peel back the paper.

Tattoo Your Beads!  Step 5

Using your fingers, carefully press the tattoo down onto the bead, and smooth out any bubbles or creases.

Tattoo Your Beads!  Step 6

Add on a coat or two of a sealant, like clear nail polish or Mod Podge, and you've got a pretty bead!

Tattoo Your Beads!  Step 7

You could make these completely customizable if you print out your own tattoos... I'd love to try some with words or something that looks like handwritten script. I think they'd be so pretty!

10 crazy awesome comments:

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

What a really great idea. I love it!! You must be super-creative to be thinking about future options when you're children stick those tattoos on the wall!! I have other thoughts entirely when mine do the same!!!


Michelle L. said...

Fabulous! Do you know how much tattooed beads cost if you buy them? (A lot.) Thanks for a great tute, I have been wanting to try this but was intimidated. You make it look fun!

Ponytails [My Passions for Fashions] said...

Great idea! I want to try this project!

-Ponytails @

Ponytails [My Passions for Fashions] said...

By the way, these pictures are fabulous.


Anika said...

That's sooo cute! I love temporary tattoos. Not on skin, because they look kinda weird. But I actually had my guitar all decked out with them and sealed with clear nail polish before I modge podged it up. This is a cute idea! It's very inspiring. (:

Kat said...

Well, I finally found someone who uses the same beads I do! Hi! Wonderful post & great pix. I paint mine (got them from a discarded beaded car seat cover), & sometimes I carve them with a dremel to look like mini terra cotta jars & paint them like they are. Then they become key rings when joined with macrame. Or anything else that comes to mind!

TheSweetLife said...

A really good idea. I'll try it, but I'd love to know how could I produce these tatoos. I don't want to buy them especially for my beads :/ Referring to nail polish, it's a thing pretty helpful in everything :D

Anonymous said...

Do you know how to make your own tattoos?

geaux greene said...


Anonymous said...

Love your tutorials, so much easier than some to understand. You are very clear with your instructions and I love this idea. Thanks for sharing!!!

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