Sunday, July 3, 2011

Round Braid Bracelets

I've got another EASY tutorial. GASP!

Patriotic Bracelet

This one is pretty easy, but since I watched a video on how to do a round braid, I won't take credit for the instructions. Here's the video I watched on YouTube:

Instead of using leather, like in the video, I cut up four pieces of scrap fabric, in this case patriotic for the Fourth of July. Using my sewing machine, I stitched the ends on one side together.

Patriotic Round Bracelet

I followed the instructions in the video, and once the braid was long enough to be a bracelet that I could slip my hand through, I sewed the ends together and trimmed the excess fabric off.

Patriotic Round Bracelet

I made three more the same way, and then using a piece of white scrap fabric, I tied them all together with a bow. Very quick and easy, especially if you need a quick little something for the 4th!

Patriotic Round Bracelet

Patriotic Round Bracelet

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Michelle L. said...

I love how this braid makes a cool edged pattern - so cute! I like the grouped 3-fer, too!

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