Friday, December 16, 2011

Snowflake Ornaments from Clothespins

 Last week I had the luxury of shopping by myself for the morning. It was ah-mazing! So of course I had to stop into the dollar store and browse a little bit. What I ultimately ended up getting was a bunch of packaging materials- bubble wrap?!? I think YES!- and a package of wooden clothespins. I knew I'd make something with them.  These are perfect for last-minute decorating/crafting/gift topping!

Clothespin Snowflake Ornament

 My youngest daughter helped me with this one... she actually initiated the whole thing by ripping the clothespins apart :)

These are very easy to make, and great for kids to help with, too!

To make one snowflake ornament, you will need:
  • 5 clothespins
  • white glue or hot glue
  • paint & paintbrush
  • string for hanging
  • Dremel/ drill for making the hole (optional)
Pretty basic supplies, right?  Start by pulling the clothespins apart so that you have two pieces.  You will end up with ten pieces, and will need nine to make the snowflake.

Take the clothespins apart...

When you've got all of your clothespins apart, you can start gluing.  I used white tacky glue on mine, but if you hate waiting, I think a hot glue gun would work the fastest. Glue to pieces together just like the pictures show.

Gluing the pieces together...

More pieces in place

Keep going around until you've got the nine pieces glued together in a circle. If you used white glue, like me, let it dry.

Glued into a circle

At this point I remembered that I wanted to drill a hole to hang it from, so I used my Dremel. It would be a little easier to do this before you glue them together, but it really wasn't difficult. So whatever works for you. You can also put the ribbon or string right through the center of the ornament and skip the drilling.

Drilled a hole for hanging...

Once everything is nice and dry, you can paint it however you'd like. I used plain old white paint, but how awesome would these be with the sparkly spray paint??? I need to get some of that! :)

Clothespin Snowflake Ornament
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