Sunday, January 8, 2012

Playing with Clothespins

Hey everyone!  I'm working on blogging more... I miss it!   I've been so busy, but it's no excuse.  I'm aiming for at least one post a week, hopefully more!

So I've been playing around with the package of wooden clothespins I picked up at the dollar store before Christmas... the same package I made the ornaments from in my last post.  I've made a couple of things, but I will start with these!

Hanging Clothespin Earring Frames

Hanging earring holders/frames/organizers! They're small, but cute and functional. You can hang them anywhere! And, of course, they're easy to make!

You need:
  • 2 clothespins for each organizer
  • white glue or hot glue
  • plastic canvas (I got mine for $1.49 at JoAnn's)
Take apart your clothespins.  Add some glue (of your choice) to the notches where the wire was set, and place the thin end of another wooden piece into it.  When you use all four pieces, you will have a square.

Clothespin Earring Frame

Hanging Clothespin Earring Frame

When the glue is dry, cut a square of your plastic canvas to fit and glue to the back of the frame... which would be whichever side you choose.  Doesn't really matter...

Hanging Clothespin Earring Frames

You may need to weigh them down while they dry.

Hanging Clothespin Earring Frames

Hey!  Something looks familiar... maybe from an earlier post? :)

Now take one of the metal things from when you took the clothespins apart, and slip it on the top of the frame, in the middle. Then close the ends by pushing them until they are crossed over each other.  Can't seem to explain that clearly... hopefully the pictures help!

Hanging Clothespin Earring Frame

Now the easiest part- string 'em up, add some earrings, and hang! Sweet and simple! These are destined for my oldest daughter's bedroom. :)

Hanging Clothespin Earring Frames

Hanging Clothespin Earring Frames

Like those pinecone earrings?  You can buy them in my shop: Real Pinecone Earrings in Resin
Free shipping all month! :)

4 crazy awesome comments:

Michelle L. said...

Wow! This is so clever, esp. using the coil-y thingy as the hanger. Just the cutest little project - love it!!!

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